Friday, August 18, 2017

Questions to Ministers

Saturday, July 29, 2017, 19:25
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Would the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister please provide an update on the implementation of UNCAC in Belize? Could he say if there has been any REAL progress or if this commitment to teachers was just another of his famous rhetorical flourishes?   Would the Member for Orange Walk North and disgraced former Deputy Prime Minister please provide an accurate listing of land parcels appropriated by himself, his wife, his brothers, their wives and extended family members while he was Minister of Natural Resources?   Would the Member for Corozal Bay and Minister of Health please say if his new wife and daughter of his colleague from Cayo West will remain as Director of the Drug Inspectorate in the Ministry of Health, since he has for months now been advised that it is a conflict of interest?   Would the Member for Collet and Minister of Education please say if the money spent to take busloads of Collet voters to Hopkins came from his own pocket or from the Ministry of Education, since Petrocaribe can no longer fund these private parties?   Would the Member for Collet and Minister of Education please say why certain teachers have still not received their increment and commuting allowance, due over a year now? Can he say if this is another way of punishing those BNTU members and teachers who went on strike in October?   Would the Member for Pickstock and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs please explain the situation in which the Caribbean Court of Justice has embarrassed him, ordering him to pay up $1M in land titles which he refused to return to a former client?   Would the Member for Belmopan and Minister of Defence please confirm or deny reports that one of his BFFs from Belmopan has been seen travelling to the Belize Central Prison where he has allegedly been meeting with William Danny Mason? If so could the Member say why he is maintaining contact with Mason? Another photo shoot maybe?   Would the legend in his own mind, the unelected Senator and current Minister of Agriculture please clarify the situation of fuel subsidies for cane-farmers being cut for the upcoming crop season? Could he say if that is part of the plan to refill government coffers which have run dry because of corruption and mismanagement?
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