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If Dah Noh Soh…

Saturday, July 29, 2017, 19:26
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Jason & Mason… There’s this guy who’s always with the bloated Minister from Belmopan. He’s the same fellow who came up big in Immigration and is still going to Church every week to thank the good Lord his name didn’t come up in the Auditor-General’s report. Don’t know how they missed him. Anyway, this is the fellow we hear has been paying visits to the fat Minister’s BFF in Belize Central Prison lately. Very interesting. Maybe this guy is going on his own accord to find out what prison’s like in case he every goes there for an extended stay (still a very distinct possibility). Maybe he’s gone there to arrange another photoshoot for the fat Minister. That picture in Mason’s bed was a big hit, I hear – although maybe BIG is the wrong word to use in this context. Anyway…I’ll be digging into this just a lil bit more. Trust me I’ll be getting back to you.   Sedi on Eddie… What a thing what a thing…good ole Sedi has put a hit on dutty Castro. I’d been hearing for some time that there’s a thing going on but didn’t believe it. I mean, who could believe that there are actually senior UDP players who think God-lose should take Castro’s place in Belize Rural North. Then I listened to an interview in which Sedi basically threw the three-dread wonder under the bus, stating that the US revoked his diplomatic and tourist Visas because they obviously wanted to send a message to him that they weren’t going to tolerate his actions. That’s a bold statement coming from the Foreign Minister, especially after his boss Dean Oliver basically claimed there was nothing off about the move by the US. Besides that, we’ve been hearing about meetings taking place between those who think that Castro’s political career is done and he needs to go. Interesting times ahead in the UDP. Trust me on that.   Another Taiwan loan… How this greedy government must love Taiwan… or rather the Taiwanese bubby which seems to be disbursing milk every time we blink. In a release issued today, we learn that the Foreign Minister of Taiwan is visiting Belize. But that’s not the important thing. He also signed an MOU, or IOU if you like, with the Barrow administration giving them another $60M. The only explanation we get is that this money will be used “directly for the development of Belize.” What the hell does that mean exactly? Where is all this money from Taiwan going? The CCJ says Sedi has a month to come up with $1M worth of land titles. Will the Taiwan money be going to pay Sedi’s Court judgment? The thing is we just don’t know. Out of that $60M, Belizeans will have to pay back $40M – that’s another loan on the backs of the Belizean people easy as that. Sheesh my people when will we learn? When will we stand up?   Anwar for Fort George… The PUP Fort George Committee asked me to announce that they’re having a big-ass party to welcome the First Son to the Constituency. Seems the fellow told daddy that if he can give the deportee a constituency, then he can give him one too. So daddy decided to give him a run in Fort George. It’s probably the best news the committee has gotten for a long time. I swear when I passed there today they were hanging streamers and packing drinks for the party. No joke. This just gets better and better. Anwar for the UDP in Fort George. Let’s get this done quick, fast and hurry.   Philloughby… Okay here’s something I never thought I’d say. I kinda feel sorry for the guy, especially since his own UDPs are turning on him, and it’s not the first time. I hear when the PM was told that Philloughby wanted to be Mayor he laughed so hard he hurt his back. Remember when they promised him a diplomatic posting if he’d walk away from Albert. He did, and they didn’t deliver. The poor guy is still stuck here in Belize, and the only diplomatic post he’s seen is on the US Embassy’s Facebook page. So there he is, begging for a damned bone from the UDP again, and they’re taking him for a clown. I hear the UDP Chairman has told insiders in the UDP that this won’t even get to Convention because they don’t have time or energy to waste on this dodobird. Their words not mine. But ouch. Sheesh. Can’t somebody give this guy a break. He has his Master’s from Galen, right? LOL. Okay let’s not go there. But seriously please. How about if we in the PUP endorse him? Support him? We really, really want Phillip to run for Mayor in Belize City. Just because we like him so much. No other reason. Pinky swear.
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