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Hypocrites of the Week

Thursday, May 20, 2010, 22:33
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Dean Barrow CluelessThe UDP Cabinet of political and intellectual dunces is not only considered a joke and a farce by many Belizeans, but this week will go down in the archives as this newspaper’s Hypocrites of the Week. Collectively, the Cabinet holds tremendous decision making power in the country, and with that power a tremendous responsibility to the people of this nation. That body of dim-bulbs has taken all our people for fools and is running Belize into the ground. While so many issues have been hitting Belizeans daily, the Cabinet has remained for the most part blind, deaf and mute. Our people have been faced with a crippling economic recession, rising cost of living, steadily rising fuel costs, education crises, the Kendall Bridge, crises in health and allegations of corruption in almost every department and level of government. Cabinet has said nothing. When our nation was dubbed the murder capital of the world by the Economist, Cabinet said nothing. As grenades exploded in our streets and Belizeans experienced a new era of urban terrorism, Cabinet said nothing. As our young men were gunned down daily and innocent victims lay paralyzed by stray bullets, our Cabinet said nothing. Despite week after week of the most stunning revelations of misappropriation of funds and corruption in the Belize City Council, Cabinet said nothing. Even now the City Council is embroiled in the latest round of scandal and missing money, and Cabinet has said nothing. So many issues, so much suffering by our people and Cabinet has said nothing. Instead, every week a sentence or two on a Cabinet release revealed that our Ministers had discussed the latest gala that would be attended by the Prime Minister abroad, or who would be acting in his absence, or World Food Day. Petty nonsense discussed by our Cabinet while our people are bombarded with critical issues. Now we understand that while our military has had to take to the streets to rein in crime, the discussion in Cabinet was about a liquor license issued to former UDP National Campaign Manager Karim Berges. We understand that while our streets are now filled with BDF soldiers wielding machine guns because our Police Department couldn’t handle the job, our Ministers were fully engaged in jostling over whether Mr. Berges should get a license or not. Our Cabinet of Hypocrites and fools should be immediately disbanded, because for sure they have done nothing to serve the Belizean people.
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2 Responses to “Hypocrites of the Week”

  1. Jorge Holland said on Sunday, May 23, 2010, 21:27

    As a long time visitor to Belize I find myself not wanting to set foot in the Country as the dangers and corruption have turned a wonderful country and place to visit and retire to into a place ALL persons should avoid until a new Goverment is elected.

  2. Andrea Stamm said on Thursday, June 28, 2012, 6:55

    as a non-citizen of Belize , but hope to one day take my retirement there. I have the same issues in my country of the USA. Also filled with fools and non-active cabinet ( congress). I feel for the people of Belize that have to contend with these “people” that think they are above the law of decency and the Land’s laws. I sincerely hope that there will be a righteous way this Problem government will either be dissolved and replaced , OR the good people of Belize , on some peaceful level find the correct and honest people to replace the bad apple’s. I had high hopes for our own Ron Paul , honest and decent person , chastised by the corrupt government here in the usa. and pushed into oblivion by the “media” that has been bought and paid for by whomever has the most money.Sad times in the People’s lives, since most, or a good part of the basic freedom and enjoyment of it , has been taken by governments that think they own you. I wish the people of Belize strength and fortitude to rise above this and find a correction in government soon.

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