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Questions to Ministers

Friday, October 15, 2010, 8:01
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1.      Considering that the Minister of Immigration has declared that there will be no more visas issued from Havana, would he be willing to disclose just how many visas have been issued so far by UDP Ambassador to Cuba Said ‘Badi’ Guerra and to whom? 2.      Would the Minister of National Security be able to confirm or deny reports that an employee of his Ministry who is married to the younger sister of another UDP Minister and also works in that Ministry handled the rental of the vans which carried the smuggled Chinese nationals to their border crossing up north? 3.      Would the Minister of Police be willing to provide details of his so-called investigation into the Civil Aviation Department which is managed by his brother? And would the Minister further be able to respond to allegations that he cleared the Civil Aviation Department before an actual investigation was even conducted? 4.      Would the Prime Minister be able to say when his handpicked Music Ambassador who is also his son and enjoys all diplomatic perks will produce the promised song about Belize, or in fact do anything at all which can classify as representation of our nation?
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